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Tasy Technologies is a provider of creative intelligent solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions to clients who are looking to improve their business process and increase profitability.
Our solutions are limitless. Whether your business needs require a web based or a desktop solution, our professionals are ready to work with you throughout the development stages, from planning to implementation.
We have a team of skilled professionals with a wide range of backgrounds there by allowing us to address the complex needs of our clients.
When vendors consider outsourcing there IT services, they can look to Tasy Technologies for a "creative intelligent solution". We handle up-front system design, integration, implementation, training and many other related services.
Our Vision is to provide creative intelligent solutions for clients looking to facilitate their business process, increase profitability and future growth.
Tasy Technologies launches Interwireless Website 

Tasy Technologies to relocate to new office

Tasy Technologies to release VideoMax 3.0 

Tasy Technologies to develop a marketing strategy to increase sales in network management and design
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